Still here!


It’s been a little over a week since my last post! With the holidays happening and juggling the duties of mommyhood, I had ZERO time to update anything. Christmas with my family was great! I had a little bit of a struggle not being able to eat what I wanted to—I may have posted or you may know that my little Elaina is lactose intolerant. Being a nursing mommy, I have to cut out anything with milk in the ingredients for awhile until she hopefully grows out of it.

BUT, I did not gain any holiday weight, in fact, I kept losing weight. I am now about 1 pound give or take from my pre baby weight. THANK YOU BREASTFEEDING! Then again, while I have 1 pound to go, I still have inches to go. It’s funny how that works. Lost the weight, but I still can’t (and for that matter, it’d probably be painful to ) fit back into my old tight jeans. Sooo I got new ones. Smile

I got more gift cards for Christmas, and again, treated myself to some more shopping for clothes. This time, not as fun. I had to buy work clothes. Pants, pants, and more pants because I had 0 nice dress pants that fit. In my job I can wear either dress clothes or scrubs. I wear scrubs the majority of the time, because let’s just face it, they are freakin comfy! But, I wanted to be able to dress up with my new shirts, sweaters, etc, for work too. So there we go.

I’m proud to say that I have gotten a lot done this week, despite, feeding issues with my Elaina. Details of that on my family blog, not here. I completely organized one side of my closet. If you’ve seen my closet, then you know that it’d take a lot of work. So I did that and I did get started on my makeup/hair vanity in the closet. It’s not done, but it’s started. And I’m proud to say I’ve only spent about $20 on it total, if that. There may be just a little more spent before it’s completely done, but whatev.

I was shopping with my mom earlier this week and I came across this cute nail polish. It’s Sephora by OPI. It’s a cute bright pink. photo Called…. It’s All About Me. (Excuse my disgusting, unpolished/unmanicured nails.. )

We also came across these limited edition nail strips by Sephora. Here’s the link!

I loved the leopard print with clear crystals on them. My mom thought the gold crystal ones were cute for New Years. But they have all kinds of prints also. These were the ones we saw in Sephora.

Those prints.. called Nail Bling are, again, limited edition, so go buy some! Or not. Whatever. I probably will buy a few at some point.


So here's my new screensaver I came across! I think it's fun! It's by fliqlo.

Closet Makeover

Sooooo here's my next project! I desperately need to clean up my makeup/hair area in my closet. Here are some before pics... Mind you, I've let this area of my house go for quite some time now, with the new baby and all. I do my thing, and then walk away. No makeup brush cleaning or anything. This is my goal for the next few weeks. To at least get started on it this week. It's terrible to not put a for sure time to be done on it, I know, but having a little one really keeps you from timelines, because of the unknown. And let's face it, I like hanging out with my little girl who is constantly growing and changing versus cleaning and organizing. But I'm gonna try my hardest to get on it!

I want to spend very little on this makeover. I know I need some shelving, more plastic drawers, and maybe a few other little knick knacks.. So I'm gonna shoot a ball park number and say that I will spend less than $100 (hopefully way less) on this project. We'll see how I do!

Ohhhh boy... I've got a lot of work to do! Wish me luck! I'll post pics when I'm done of course!

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

So recently I found that Sally Hansen is now making all sorts of colors of nail polish strips. I love these things! They take the same amount of time to apply as regular nail polish, but you don't have to wait for it to dry! The problem is that most places you can only find them in weird colors or patterns. I found a ton of new colors the other day. This is my favorite one! It's called Tu Tu Much. Anyway, these last longer than regular polish too! This one set will usually stay on without chipping for about 3-4 days. But it still looks decent past then. For around 8 bucks! That's cheaper than a manicure! It's still more expensive than some nail polishes, but if I know I want my polish to stay for the next couple day for sure, I'll buy these!
These can be found at your nearest Walgreens, Walmart or Target!


You'll notice the recent changes to my main blog... maybe. As I haven't been on this specific blog in quite some time (note the baby blog I have from the last 9 months of my pregnancy). I am choosing to dedicate this blog from here on out to my hobbies and other things I run into from day to day. There may be some family updates, but hopefully if I can stay true to this new blog, and keep my family updates for my other blog. Make sense?... it doesn't really to me... but that's mostly because it's almost midnight and I'm a mom of a newborn who has the weirdest sleeping schedule. Aka, I'm running on very little sleep.

ANYWAY! My main point. My hobbies you ask? What are they? My hobbies include DIY crafts, makeup, clothing, baking, cooking. I have to say, I'm not super refined in ANY of these areas. But I do love these things. I don't really think you have to be amazing at any hobby; just as long as it makes you happy, it's a hobby. I've used my facebook page for updates with things like this in the past, but I decided to blog it all instead because then I guess I feel I'm not annoyingly (is that a word?) updating my facebook every hour. Honestly, another reason why I love to blog: I forget a lot of things I love like outfits, desserts, makeup routines that I have discovered very easily. In a blog, I can actually look back and re-discover these things!

Now that I am four weeks post baby, I went on a shopping spree.. :S Yes, it was an awesome but terrible feeling at the same time. Spending money... well, sucks. But honestly, my wardrobe was getting slim. Not that I gained tons of weight or anything, because really I'm almost back done to my size. But, my wardrobe before baby consisted of tighter fitting shirts and stuff. Trying to get back into those clothes not only made me frustrated, but uncomfortable too. Another thing, if you know me, you know that I'm an avid pump, stiletto wearer. I love heels. Now that I have to carry 30 pounds of stuff (carseat, baby, and baby bag) everywhere I go, I'm gonna have to mostly rule out heels as my main source of shoes. Therefore, I bought flats, which I really did need. The style I went for when shopping would be described as Comfy chic. I love a great scarf and some cute earrings to finish an outfit. Winter is my most favorite season to dress for as well. Tights, scarves, boots, etc. Love it all! Anyway, in the next few weeks, I have a goal to take pics of some the outfits I was able to put together. Seriously with all the clothes I got, I feel like I have endless possibilities for outifts (that's a great accomplishment for a shopping spree).

Another goal: I really want to organize the back of my closet. This is my space for all my makeup and beauty products. I do my hair, makeup and nails in that space and I have organized it before. The last year sort of took a toll on that area though. So I took some pics today. I plan to get them on here as before pics.

Lastly, I am a new member on the site! It's a site that you join and pay $10 a month for to get a shipment of 4-5 beauty product samples once a month. They are random/popular products picked out. Mostly I've seen makeup and hair products, but there are other random products too. Like detergent for your pretties. LOL Anyway, I just joined, and I will hopefully get the first shipment this month! I plan on reviewing those products on here! I'm super excited about it because if you love beauty products, you know that you can really break the bank trying to find awesome products. This way, you pay a set amount and get 4-5 things you will probably really love!

So it's late.. I'm going to attempt to feed and put the baby down... and hopefully go to bed myself! Keep reading!