Still here!


It’s been a little over a week since my last post! With the holidays happening and juggling the duties of mommyhood, I had ZERO time to update anything. Christmas with my family was great! I had a little bit of a struggle not being able to eat what I wanted to—I may have posted or you may know that my little Elaina is lactose intolerant. Being a nursing mommy, I have to cut out anything with milk in the ingredients for awhile until she hopefully grows out of it.

BUT, I did not gain any holiday weight, in fact, I kept losing weight. I am now about 1 pound give or take from my pre baby weight. THANK YOU BREASTFEEDING! Then again, while I have 1 pound to go, I still have inches to go. It’s funny how that works. Lost the weight, but I still can’t (and for that matter, it’d probably be painful to ) fit back into my old tight jeans. Sooo I got new ones. Smile

I got more gift cards for Christmas, and again, treated myself to some more shopping for clothes. This time, not as fun. I had to buy work clothes. Pants, pants, and more pants because I had 0 nice dress pants that fit. In my job I can wear either dress clothes or scrubs. I wear scrubs the majority of the time, because let’s just face it, they are freakin comfy! But, I wanted to be able to dress up with my new shirts, sweaters, etc, for work too. So there we go.

I’m proud to say that I have gotten a lot done this week, despite, feeding issues with my Elaina. Details of that on my family blog, not here. I completely organized one side of my closet. If you’ve seen my closet, then you know that it’d take a lot of work. So I did that and I did get started on my makeup/hair vanity in the closet. It’s not done, but it’s started. And I’m proud to say I’ve only spent about $20 on it total, if that. There may be just a little more spent before it’s completely done, but whatev.

I was shopping with my mom earlier this week and I came across this cute nail polish. It’s Sephora by OPI. It’s a cute bright pink. photo Called…. It’s All About Me. (Excuse my disgusting, unpolished/unmanicured nails.. )

We also came across these limited edition nail strips by Sephora. Here’s the link!

I loved the leopard print with clear crystals on them. My mom thought the gold crystal ones were cute for New Years. But they have all kinds of prints also. These were the ones we saw in Sephora.

Those prints.. called Nail Bling are, again, limited edition, so go buy some! Or not. Whatever. I probably will buy a few at some point.