imPRESS manicure

So I know that I'm not alone saying that I have a constant battle with my nails. I can't stand leaving them unpolished (though I do a lot of the time because of lack of time). I hate having to polish my nails and let them dry because I almost always smudge them. I love getting a manicure just as much as the next girl, but who wants to have to spend all that time and money all the time just to keep up with your nails? Now having a baby, i have almost no time to deal with my nails so quick applying and drying is a necessity! So I'm constantly on the look out for the next best thing when it comes to polish. On my most recent trip to Walgreens, I found several different kinds of polish applicators. One was a gel polish (those of you who know me know that I love love love getting gel polish at my nail salon. I'll post another time about the brand and how well it works, or doesn't work. The other kind was this press on manicure set, by imPRESS. Okay, I really only bought these out of curiosity. I hate press on nails almost always. They tend to look like they really are press ons or they fall off too easily. They had several different colors and designs too that I thought were awesome, but I decided on a bright red that could work well for when I'm at work etc. Plus, I knew that these could be a complete bust anyway so I just didn't waste time picking one.
I put them on yesterday afternoon knowing that I'd still have to shower with them on. Press ons tend to get weak once you shower with them on. So it says on the box that they last up to one week if applied properly. When I put them on I noticed that the sticky on the bottom side was really sticky. Not just sort of sticky like some press ons. I had to file some down because I don't like my nails to be very long. After all were on ( it took about 10 min total after picking the correct sizes and applying them), I went about my day like normal. They feel very solid. I took a shower with them on this morning and again, very solid throughout. They look and feel as solid as if I had acrylic nails. So far so good one day later! We'll see how long they last! So far, they've imPRESSed me!! :P