At home Starbucks... :)

If you know me, you know that I love Starbucks just as much as the next person does. What I do not love about Starbucks is how my pocketbook seems to get REALLY low after visiting there several times a week. Now, I'm not really a straight coffee drinker. I prefer a little extra stuff in there to sweeten it up. So that said, I love iced coffee with the frills during the summer! I'm always buying Starbucks grounds to not only make it at home, but to make it super easy to grab a glass and go. Here's my process!

Buy Starbucks coffee grounds (around $7-8 at your local grocery store)... or your favorite brand of coffee (I cannot believe there is a better brand, but if you think so then fine).... :)

Put the whole (yes, I said whole) bag in a big pitcher. For a little less bold flavor or to make the coffee grounds go further, spread the whole bag between one pitcher and a half of another pitcher. Fill the pitcher all the way to the top with cold water. Let it sit for a couple hours. You can also let it sit wayyyyy longer for a more bold flavor.

Next, (and I'm sorry that I don't have a picture of this) lay a flour sack kitchen towel over desired container opening. Pour coffee and grounds through a kitchen strainer into the flour sack (or cheesecloth) towel slowly, allowing the coffee to strain and seep through into your desired container. (You REALLY are going to want to use both the strainer and flour sack towel to keep all the grounds out of your end result. A strainer does not do the job by itself. And the flour sack doesn't do the job by itself either. It will take four hours to strain all the coffee if you do it that way. You have been warned.)... :)

I like to use a container like the one below and allow it to sit in my refrigerator for easy dispensing. (Refrigerating is also key for a super refreshing iced coffee. I promise, it's just not the same if you add warm or hot coffee.)

Fill a cup with ice, and then fill the cup with about 2/3rds with coffee.

Here comes the bad part... :) I add half and half to fill the cup almost to the top. You can of course use skim milk, 1%, 2%, or whole or whatever. Half and half works for me because when the ice in your cup begins to melt, the half and half is not as easily watered down. (I've also heard that in order to prevent a watered down drink, you can make coffee ice cubes... I say, do whatever your taste buds desire)

Add suger to taste. I use almost a whole tablespoon.... :S

Then just for taste, I add a tiny bit of Starbucks Caramel Sauce. (For more frills, or when I'm feeling extra crazy, I add whip cream and drizzle caramel sauce on it.)

And poof! The most delicious drink ever!!! I put it in my Starbucks reusable to-go cup when I'm on my way out.

And there ya go! An at home drink that will in the end, be wayyyyyy cheaper than stopping and getting a cup everyday. Try it!