Summer dressy for less

So I wanted to share a quick cute dressy outfit for summer. I have recently been inspired by my paleness. :) I have always gone back and forth with being pale in the past. Years ago I would tan in the tanning bed with great results. The truth is, tanning beds are horrible for you. And after a period of time, that kind of tanning makes your skin look old. I've done my fair share of spray tanning which is great for weddings, etc. But I've decided to embrace my fair skin instead by shopping for clothing and colors that actually compliment it. And recently, I chose to go back to blonde hair after a couple years of keeping it a little more of a medium brown.  I've got a wardrobe full of black articles of clothing. And while black can be good for slimming, and it is a neutral color, it is also... well, black.
So I'm trying to lighten up my wardrobe. Yes, I'm also aware that this dress has a little black in it. But that's the thing, a little bit of black isn't really a problem, especially when it's paired with such a light color.

So I love a chance to be thrifty and yet make a cute outfit that will work for many occasions.
I found this dress at Target for only $25!

I paired it with a pair of flats not shown in the top photo. But I show some that you could use above. A great pair of nude flats by Dana Buchman. I found them at Kohls last winter for probably $20-30. Otherwise, you can always wear black flats, heels, etc. You could also wear some dressy sandals with this dress.

I also am wearing one of the necklaces and a pair of earrings that I make. -Only the cost of materials.

My polish is "a crewed interest" by Essie. - $8