"Elaina" style

So here is a post specifically on my favorite BABY clothing stores. Here are a couple of "Elaina" outfits to get us started!

Dress- 77kids    Headband- Me
I love love love this dress. I don't remember how much it was, but I (crazily) didn't care. Probably in the 20 or 30 dollar range. I knew she'd wear it for FOREVER. This is a great dress that is supposed to be worn rather loosely, but I think it'll still look good when it's a little more fitted. Up close, this dress has so much detail. If they had it in my size, I'd wear it for sure.

Onesie- Carters....   Tulle skirt- Me....    Headband- Me...
She would NEVER wear this outfit on a daily basis (just putting that out there). But it's a great skirt for a photo op! The skirt was rather simple. It took me a couple nights to make it, but I'll have it for forever! Total cost was probably only 10-15 bucks to make it too!

Shirt and Pink denim jeans- 77kids..... Pink Converse- Journeys.....  Headband- Me
This outfit is super cute! The tee is supposed to look big, but I think that even when it's more fitted, it'll look great. So she'll wear this one for a while! I rolled up the jeans here, but they are normally skinny jeans that go all the way to her feet.

I loved this outfit of Elaina's! It was a Christmas present from our cousins Gabe and Annie Hinkebein and family! Both the cardigan sweater and the bubble shorts and leggings came from babyGAP! I added the headband of course! I just love this outfit. She wore it a lot and it was perfect for winter. This outfit is in great shape and if we ever have another girl, she will most certainly wear it as well!

This is a really cute onesie by Ralph Lauren! I got it at TJ Maxx (They have awesome deals on RL, Calvin Klein, and so many of my favorite brands.) Then of course I made the headband. This outfit was a simple play time outfit!

Outfit- Calvin Klein from TJ Maxx... Headband- Me
Adorable outfit for playing on Easter day. I think this outfit was only $15!

Onesie- 77 kids.... Headband- Me...
Okay so you can't see this outfit very well but it's just another example of an outfit that Elaina will be able to wear for awhile!

Outfit- 77kids.... Headband- Me....
I love this outfit. I'm trying to find more like it for next summer!

This whole outfit is from Children's Place! Shoes and all. Except for the headband of course, which I made. I'm really not into a lot of animal prints anymore, but this is just cute. It'll be great for fall weather.

You can see that almost all of my favorite outfits are from 77 kids... I'm a little addicted... Though, right now, I haven't been able to find very much. I'm definitely always looking for a deal. So I don't tend to buy anything that's not on sale.. unless I know that it's worth it and that she can wear it for a long time.
Gap and Old Navy have some awesome stuff for this upcoming season. I really pick and choose from their selection, but overall. It's decent! And I love their stuff because it typically holds up nicely!
I haven't been to TJ Maxx in a couple months, but I'll go soon and look for winter stuff!
I seem to have to pick and choose at Children's place. Occasionally, I'll find an entire outfit there, like the one above, but I really like to mix and match. I think it's really cute on a baby! Elaina wears onesies throughout the day, but other than that, I really like to dress her in actual outfits with a little "Elaina" style if I can. It's hard, because most baby clothes are made in ready made outfits with stretchy onesies and cotton pants (Carters does this a lot). Or super specific colors. So 77kids tends to have a variety coloring that can work together to make different outfits.
Old Navy tends to have one or two REALLY great pieces for babies per season. So I sometimes buy stuff ahead of the season there.
I will sometimes find a piece or two on sale at Kohls, Macy's, or JCPenneys. But they really sell mostly Carters. Not that it's a bad thing. You can find some really cute Carters outfits. I just seem to be most interested in other brands.
For regular onesies. I really like Carters. Their onesies seem to fit Elaina best. And honestly, that's all I care to dress her in during the day while she's home. They get all kinds of foods and stains on them so there's no point in spending very much money on them. She's comfy and she doesn't have to watch out for her dresses or pants while she's crawling around.

 If you're a mom and you like clothes. Please, please join Zulily.com. They have tons of clothes on sale. I, personally have not found tons of clothes to buy on there, but I have recently found ADORABLE shoes for Elaina this fall and winter. I bought three pairs (two cute boots and some flats) for a little over 30 bucks with shipping! And occasionally they have neat toys, etc on sale.

Buying baby clothes can be overwhelming and EXPENSIVE if you like the styles I like. So I've found a trick that seems to help me. When shopping online (which is pretty much all I do for baby clothes), add as many items as you find and love to the shopping cart. When you think you are finished and ready to purchase. Put the computer away. Stay away from the online shopping cart for at least 24 hours. Come back and weed stuff out of your shopping cart that you know you can find cheaper or you can do without. I find that I impulse buy clothes if I buy it all right away. Again, I stay away from clothes that are full price. IT'S NOT WORTH IT... most of the time.

Also, headbands I've found are incredibly easy. Elaina wears a bow sometimes, but mostly we like these headbands. I have tons of different colors of rosettes and other pieces. And I buy my headband material online. It's so much cheaper than buying a headband and waiting for it to come in the mail. I just make them (sometimes that morning) to match. Elaina doesn't seem to mind them for the most part.

I have to say, I'm surprised at how much I'm not into frilly frilly pink girl stuff. I've found lots of cute clothes in a variety of colors. Sure there's some pink, but that's inevitable when you have a girl. I love the girly colors but I especially love them when they are used in a stylish baby outfit! :)

It's sooo much fun to dress girls. But I'd love a chance to dress a little boy too... :) Maybe someday... a long while from now! I have to buy clothes for my girl first!