Preschool Prep Company

Are all my friends tired of hearing me talk about these videos? Probably, but you're gonna hear me talk about them again for my first baby/toddler product review on this blog. I'll be attempting to post more on my favorite baby/toddler products.

Any parents looking for great educational DVDs should think about investing in these!

These videos are awesome! Elaina has loved them since the first time we put them on. A couple years ago, I used to babysit an adorable little girl for friends. They had these DVDs and she loved them. I thought they were great too especially after watching her look at words and read them correctly as a young toddler! We would go over colors and shapes and all kinds of others and she had them all down like it was second nature to her. After that, I always thought about these videos and wanted to keep them in mind for the future. So about five months ago we bought a set. I found a great deal, as these can be very pricey. Look on Amazon and for great deals! We have the colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and the first three sight words DVDs. These are the only shows that keep Elaina's attention. The sight words are used for later. But the colors, shapes, letters, and numbers are great for 9 months and older!

Not a fan of using television for babies, toddlers, kids, etc? Okay, I don't like plopping my kid in front of the t.v. just as much as any other mom. But in all honesty, these videos are not very long. You can view them in segments if you want to use them for very short periods of time. We turn them on for E in the morning when I'm getting ready. John is already gone to work and I have no option for E except for putting her in a playpen with toys. And that never goes over well. So when she loved these videos, I knew that was my plan. Also, I DO NOT encourage these as kids primary way of learning. They are great and I'm sure they would certainly teach kids if they were used as a primary learning tool. But we only use these as a supplemental tool. Again, mostly during a time when I have to get ready and I can't have E right there on my lap in the morning. All of her other learning goes on through the day with her grandma and her dad and I teaching her through actual play.

All of that being said, there are tons of different packages and supplemental products. You can get these digitally for your iPad, tablet, iPhone. And they have fun apps for on-the-go learning and fun. I definitely recommend them for any parents who would like an extra boost for learning or for parents who simply need 15 minutes to... wash their hair? :)