What's Inside?

My next review is this awesome toy box that E got from our cousins at Christmas! This has to be one of hers and my favorite toys. It's a What's Inside? cloth box by One Step Ahead. The box of course has the hole in the top, sensory tags, and appliques on each side on the exterior and then a bunch of fun soft sculptured toys inside. E was lucky enough to get the eight toys that come with the box already AND the extra five add on toys that you can order separately. They are all so cute, all stitched and appliqued. E loves to pull them all out and of course we name each one when they come out. Her favorite one is the rocket ship  I can't blame her. It is a pretty cute rocket ship  And she loves when we pretend that it's blasting off for space. :) Everything is machine washable which gains it another mommy gold star point. What I also love about this box is that we use it for other things as well. E will choose different items from around the room and put them in the box to play with. I'm sure we'll be using this one for years to come!

Here's where you can get your own!: