Mint- The color of Spring

For those of you who don't care to follow these things then you're warned.

I, for one, love to know popular colors for the seasons because, well honestly, when I wear the colors that tend to be people's choice for the season, I tend to feel more in the spirit. For example, with mint being this seasons prime pick, I've picked up a few statement items in mint. Call me crazy, but when I wear them, I feel like Spring is here and well, just content.

Mint, though, seriously. I always liked the color but never loved it. And honestly, it does depend on the shade and tint. If you do follow these things then you have noticed that if a certain shirt comes in multiple colors and they offer it in mint as well. Most times, the mint is gone and sold out! And I'm always behind on my shopping. So I almost always miss out. :) I really love mint in a scarf or jewelry. I haven't really thought about buying any mint colored jeans because that article of clothing is strictly fad. Im sure next year, no one will be wearing them. Not that that is a bad thing. I try to at least focus on buying clothes that won't go out of style quickly and then accessorize with fad items. It's a lot easier on the pocketbook. :)