Sinful Colors

I have to say. I love me some nail polish. But it is sooooo pricey now! Essie and OPI can be like 8 bucks a pop now days! Or more if they have a fun new feature to the polish. And I'm sorry, but I just have no time and no desire to spend a few hours (and $30) EVERY week to get my nails done. I've been shopping around for good quality and cheap nail polish. And I think I've found it. Maybe I've been blind. I don't know how long this brand has been out, but I love it! It can be found at Target and Walgreens for $1.99!! And they have awesome pale pink matte colors, new seasonal colors, and glitter colors. It dries fairly quickly and it lasts about the same as any other polish. Called... Sinful Colors
There could be more of a variety of colors to really sell me 100%, but so far, so good! These are the few colors I grabbed. And I paid like $6 for all three. :) if you know of any other great kinds, feel free to comment below! I'd love to hear!