The White Kitchen

This is one of my favorite kitchens I've found yet. Just for my style personally. I absolutely love the open shelving and cabinetry. I love white. I like how white cabinets and can give you a blank canvas in the extra finishes and decor of the kitchen. Many people don't care for white and complain that it doesn't stay clean. While that is true, I'd be willing to sacrifice. We currently have white cabinets in our kitchen. And honestly, even with a one-year-old, they aren't bad at all. I probably wipe them down every few weeks. But that's not even because they are dirty.
White can also not work with certain rooms. Especially if they are planned poorly. Personally I love earth and grey tones. You can see that the side wall of the kitchen shows the paint in the room with a very light misty blue. I definitely think it works. So I would probably use a very light paint in the connecting rooms. Anyway, not wanting this blog to drag, here it is! My dream kitchen! I've already begun collecting dishes and appliance to go with this idea of a kitchen in mind! My white Food Network serve ware, white Kitchen-aid, and my Fiesta dishes! Someday I will see it all come together. :)