My favorite homemade cleansing cloths

So here's a great alternative to buying facial cleansing cloths. I probably won't buy brands ever again. And all the ingredients are so simple and while it might be a little pricey initially buying these, you'll definitely save in the long run. These are awesome because they remove hard core and waterproof makeup, as well as cleansing at the same time! Then even after rinsing, the coconut oil leaves your face moisturized.

Wipes container: my favorite is the Huggies container. It has a rubber middle that catches and holds onto wipes. Maybe this doesn't matter to anyone else. But I like it. :)

Favorite cleanser: I have to admit, I probably wouldn't use a cheap face wash in this, but that's because I try to keep my face wipes as natural and gentle as possible. I use several wipes every night so, I don't want to dry out my skin. But if you have a favorite cleanser then go for it! Otherwise, Dove has some gentle face cleansers. I'm using the wonderful DDF brightening cleanser.

Coconut Oil: Found in the baking aisle at most grocery stores! This one can be tricky though. You may want to experiment first. Some people's skin doesn't do well with refined coconut oil. If not, then you may want to try unrefined coconut oil. As for me, my face has done great on the refined one. Though, it's always best to try to find an unrefined jar, as refined oils can have deodorizers, etc added in.

Baby wipes: Here's another preference product. My favorite wipes (and the wipes we buy for our toddler) are the target sensitive skin brand wipes. They don't tear easily like Parent's Choice and Huggies do for me sometimes. But they also aren't too slick like Pampers have been for me. Again, it's just preference. Choose what your favorite is. Though I will warn you that certain Huggies and Parent's Choice can be too rough and sting your face while washing. Also,  I only use half of a refill pack. I don't like to let my wipes last too long for fear that something will mold.

To keep everything super easy, I fill a plastic cup up about a third of the way with water. You can do more if you like. 
Next, I scoop out my coconut oil. I love working with coconut oil! It's awesome to see and feel it go from a solid to a liquid in your hands. And that's what I do, I put a tablespoon full in my palm and close my hand, holding it over the cup. In seconds, the oil with melt and drip into the cup of water. 

Next, I add my cleanser. Several squirts. 

Stir well to make suds!

Pour all over top of wipes. The wipes will absorb the mixture pretty quickly.
IMPORTANT!!!!: I repeat the process with the water, coconut oil, and cleanser one more time. I flip the wipes over and pour a second mixture on top. 

There you have it! You can decorate your wipes case. Something I plan on doing soon. :)

I typically use 1-2 every night. They do have cleanser on them so, yes, you will need to rinse your face afterwards.