Simpatico Bubble Bath

Recently, I've been stressing out. So what better way to deal with my stress than a good old fashion bubble bath! Well sort of. I got this bottle of bubble bath from my dear sister for my birthday. Thanks again sis!! I believe she got it from Renaissance (a favorite store of mine) located downtown Cape. I love the smell! It's not too strong but it's enough to really perfume the air and also your skin. I have to admit that it wasn't too bubbly. Unless I just didn't add enough. I did add more a minute or so later with a bit more results. Though I'm thinking this is supposed to be a more natural bubble bath mixture for softening skin and fragrance. BUT, I actually liked it that way. My skin did soften up and and I also didn't have to worry about rinsing as much as I would typically. I could mix this with my Burt's Bees bubble bath and I'd be in heaven!