The Dapple Project

Finally! The Dapple Project is done. The semester is finished! And as you know, I love to share my work both good and bad. Here's the final product from the project. The only change I wanted to make after I took these pictures was to add matte board to the actual house plan board as well. I also felt like my inspiration board was a bit too small. Next time, I'll go bigger.
So of course, we had more to do for this project throughout the semester with a culture research paper, programming elements, product specification schedules, finish schedules, a scaled NKBA kitchen drawing (took half of the semester to complete and doesn't even get the privilege of being in the final project), image boards, presentations, etc. But this class was really just a studio class. So almost everything was hand drawn to get the techniques down. Of course, it was turned into a project. :) But it's done now and received an "A!" So here's one for my portfolio... 

Other news: This semester our teachers and students successfully achieved NKBA accreditation! In fact, our review was so great that our program was told that we would be made as an example for future programs in how to achieve accreditation on an excellent level. Moving on to CIDA accreditation soon!