Southeast Design Program

Southeast Missouri State Interior Design Program is officially an NKBA accredited program as of last May! It's a big deal for our school and students in the program! Especially for those of us who may pursue kitchen and bath design. This basically means that top dogs at NKBA came and inspected our program and work after months and months of preparation and approved that we were overachievers of how the NKBA wishes students to be taught. They decided that we were exceptional and a program for others to model after. It definitely encourages us. 

Ten years ago, the design teachers in our department sought this accreditation and an even bigger accreditation by CIDA (Counsel for Interior Design Accreditation). Our teachers and students are working diligently towards CIDA. We will supposedly achieve by hopefully next year! It's a pretty big deal...  As this will be the only program within the area of course with the accreditation. Future employers will see the CIDA accreditation as a big deal.

Strawberry Lemon Rice Krispies

I love this change up of basic Rice Krispie treats. Our family loves fruit and this was a perfect addition for a great low calorie dessert. We recently made these for a coworkers' birthday. We made them gluten free by using the gluten free Rice Krispie cereal. I just used the regular cereal this time. If you want these to have more color to them, you can add beet juice or red food coloring. But I like the natural look!

3 TBSP of unsalted butter
10 oz. Marshmallows
6 cups Rice Krispie cereal 
1.5 cups dehydrated strawberries; crushed
1 lemon- zested (for a stronger lemon taste, add lemon extract; NOT lemon juice as the cereal will get soggy.)

Make just like normal Rice Krispie Treats, adding strawberries and lemon zest with cereal. 

Mix and Match

How adorable are these? The best way to shop for toddler clothes and make your money go further - instead of buying complete outfits, buy clothes that can be mixed and matched in all different combinations! Old navy, Gap, and Target are the best places I've found for this! Also, I constantly check sale racks at Target. There are usually hidden treasures for only $3-4!

Summer table decor

So here's my dining room table decor. I finally pulled something together a couple months ago after going so long with nothing. I've collected all of this over a period of time and then gradually pulled it together.

The table runner is from Target! My favorite colors are grey and white. Especially when they are put together in a design. I think the runner was only $12! 

I found the candle holders at TJ Maxx. I liked them as soon as I saw them. I paid $3 and $6 for the pair.

I found the candles at Target. They smell so good and I loved the mint color for summer. I believe they were $2-3 a piece. 

The white cake plate is Martha Stewart and it was a wedding present three years ago. I like to use cake plates for different functions. So it works as a magazine holder! 

The kettle was also from TJ Maxx. Another fun find! I think I paid $9.

The coasters were another wedding gift! They are from Anthropologie! My favorite coasters by far. 

Elaina's Toddler Room

Here's my daughter's toddler room! I've honestly had no time to really do anything too fun with her room. And though her room is cozy with the sloped ceilings, it can also be tough to place furniture. Especially since we've had to add an armoire for her clothes. We don't plan on living in our house for too many more years so I haven't invested in anything or built something pricey. But her favorite color is purple, she loves to read, and she loves jewelry, beads, and knick-knacks. So I wanted to give her a fun room to go with what she likes.
I've added a few things to her room to make it more toddler friendly and fun. First, we've had the bookshelves up for a little while. They are the perfect height for her to grab whatever book she wants. I made a teepee tent out of canvas for her and her stuffed animals. And then we've displayed a few knicks knacks of hers and some pictures. There's not a whole lot of wall space for frames or anything just yet. And again, I haven't wanted to put too many holes in the walls of our temporary home. :)
The purple and pink sequined pillow is pretty much her favorite pillow ever. I found it online at Forever 21 for $8. She likes to take it with her when she gets up from naps and touch all the beads and sequins on it. :) And I randomly found a small blanket to somewhat match at Kohls. The frames are from Target. I found them in the clearance aisle. :) The lamp is a favorite of mine. I found it on Amazon after looking for a long time! And the ruffle curtains are from Amazon as well.
I can't wait to someday be able to design and maybe spend a little more on her real big girl room! 

Getting to the Going

Here I am! Back from my "summer break." Well, more like recess. It's not that I didn't have plenty of inspiration for my blog; I just had to take some time from constantly working on projects. There has been plenty of work around my house, but not the fun blog kind. Do you ever feel yourself slip into a 1-2 month long "funk?" I usually do when we've got a slew of family functions, parties, vacations, etc. I love family time and it's hard to really "be there" when I'm constantly working on projects and even little cutesy miscellaneous finds. I think it can be healthy to just step back and rest and live in the moment instead of trying to constantly put something together. Plus, I'm a mom! I love to just hang with my toddler and lounge with her on the couch or take her fun places. This is gonna sound pretty lame, but I also find that I can rest my brain best by watching old season reruns of my favorite shows on Netflix, playing that silly Candy Crush game, and digital scrapbooking. Wow, I just put that out there...

Surprisingly enough, I'm not really a fan of summertime. Everyone knows that I'm a whitey. :) I'm no longer cool with the long term effects of fake baking (plus, who wants to lay in their own sweat for 15 minutes) and spray tanning is not worth the money for long periods at a time. I like to embrace being pale. But let's face it, summertime is not a friend to the pale-faced girl. While I like cute sandals and dresses; I love boots, scarves, and cardigans. So I think, without sounding too superficial, that feeling good and dressing cute can help me keep going. It's most likely part of my "funk." End of summertime rant.

But now I'm hoping to be stepping out of my "rest" and into the hot summer days to get back in the swing of things. Despite how much I love and need brain rest, I feel downright unproductive. So for my sanity I've gotta get going. Especially with school coming up fast!

Upcoming projects:
Finish painting our upstairs foyer and stairwell, and Elaina's art area. {I also have a great idea for displaying Elaina's artwork up there}

Paint downstairs foyer.

Finish Elaina's baby book once and for all! {I'm almost done with September 2012 which gives me only three months of pictures to go!}

Work on 2013 Family Book

Work on projects and invitations for Elaina's 2nd Birthday party!

Baby showers! There are so many for my sister-in-law and a bunch of friends that I want to help plan and help out at this fall! End of story!

So I'm thinking that's a majority of what I'm currently getting ready for. Next week I have a hair appointment too! Nothing like a fresh haircut and color to get yourself motivated! 

I'm happy to jump back into my hobbies. I'm happy to share on my blog for those who even care to read. But mainly for myself, I've got to get going! So I'll be sharing some of things I came across this summer and maybe some newer stuff.