Elaina's Toddler Room

Here's my daughter's toddler room! I've honestly had no time to really do anything too fun with her room. And though her room is cozy with the sloped ceilings, it can also be tough to place furniture. Especially since we've had to add an armoire for her clothes. We don't plan on living in our house for too many more years so I haven't invested in anything or built something pricey. But her favorite color is purple, she loves to read, and she loves jewelry, beads, and knick-knacks. So I wanted to give her a fun room to go with what she likes.
I've added a few things to her room to make it more toddler friendly and fun. First, we've had the bookshelves up for a little while. They are the perfect height for her to grab whatever book she wants. I made a teepee tent out of canvas for her and her stuffed animals. And then we've displayed a few knicks knacks of hers and some pictures. There's not a whole lot of wall space for frames or anything just yet. And again, I haven't wanted to put too many holes in the walls of our temporary home. :)
The purple and pink sequined pillow is pretty much her favorite pillow ever. I found it online at Forever 21 for $8. She likes to take it with her when she gets up from naps and touch all the beads and sequins on it. :) And I randomly found a small blanket to somewhat match at Kohls. The frames are from Target. I found them in the clearance aisle. :) The lamp is a favorite of mine. I found it on Amazon after looking for a long time! And the ruffle curtains are from Amazon as well.
I can't wait to someday be able to design and maybe spend a little more on her real big girl room!