Getting to the Going

Here I am! Back from my "summer break." Well, more like recess. It's not that I didn't have plenty of inspiration for my blog; I just had to take some time from constantly working on projects. There has been plenty of work around my house, but not the fun blog kind. Do you ever feel yourself slip into a 1-2 month long "funk?" I usually do when we've got a slew of family functions, parties, vacations, etc. I love family time and it's hard to really "be there" when I'm constantly working on projects and even little cutesy miscellaneous finds. I think it can be healthy to just step back and rest and live in the moment instead of trying to constantly put something together. Plus, I'm a mom! I love to just hang with my toddler and lounge with her on the couch or take her fun places. This is gonna sound pretty lame, but I also find that I can rest my brain best by watching old season reruns of my favorite shows on Netflix, playing that silly Candy Crush game, and digital scrapbooking. Wow, I just put that out there...

Surprisingly enough, I'm not really a fan of summertime. Everyone knows that I'm a whitey. :) I'm no longer cool with the long term effects of fake baking (plus, who wants to lay in their own sweat for 15 minutes) and spray tanning is not worth the money for long periods at a time. I like to embrace being pale. But let's face it, summertime is not a friend to the pale-faced girl. While I like cute sandals and dresses; I love boots, scarves, and cardigans. So I think, without sounding too superficial, that feeling good and dressing cute can help me keep going. It's most likely part of my "funk." End of summertime rant.

But now I'm hoping to be stepping out of my "rest" and into the hot summer days to get back in the swing of things. Despite how much I love and need brain rest, I feel downright unproductive. So for my sanity I've gotta get going. Especially with school coming up fast!

Upcoming projects:
Finish painting our upstairs foyer and stairwell, and Elaina's art area. {I also have a great idea for displaying Elaina's artwork up there}

Paint downstairs foyer.

Finish Elaina's baby book once and for all! {I'm almost done with September 2012 which gives me only three months of pictures to go!}

Work on 2013 Family Book

Work on projects and invitations for Elaina's 2nd Birthday party!

Baby showers! There are so many for my sister-in-law and a bunch of friends that I want to help plan and help out at this fall! End of story!

So I'm thinking that's a majority of what I'm currently getting ready for. Next week I have a hair appointment too! Nothing like a fresh haircut and color to get yourself motivated! 

I'm happy to jump back into my hobbies. I'm happy to share on my blog for those who even care to read. But mainly for myself, I've got to get going! So I'll be sharing some of things I came across this summer and maybe some newer stuff.