Cheapskate Project

Another small project from this semester involved finishing and furnishing a small home with a $10,000 or less budget. It was a fun way to shop around online and use my imagination! :) Many projects included used furniture and appliances from Craigslist! It's cool to see how inexpensive it could be to furnish a home with used furniture. You'd have to have a lot of time for refinishing or at least be willing to pay someone for their time! But it's possible! The soft goods came from mostly Walmart. Other finishes from Lowes. I decided to use up the majority of my budget and came right in at $9,946 including flooring, kitchen cabinetry, finishing materials and waste, furniture, finishes, appliances, and fixtures.


So honestly, I haven't hand-rendered too many projects until now. I usually use Revit because I really like the real-life look of CAD renderings. But, I've recently discovered that it's quite meditative to hand render. I'm not that great at it. And I'd like to be better at it. I like the color layering and how true hand rendering is more artistic than precise lines. I love shading and bringing the drawing to life if I can. That will come in practice! But so far the practice I've had, has been fun and relaxing. I'm sure that once I'm trying to make a deadline with a rendering, I'll be singing a different tune. All I'm saying, is if I spend over $3 on each marker we've had to purchase for this, I'd better try and do my best! Until then, here are some practice runs from this week...

Regreen Project

What a cool project to be involved in! At the beginning of the semester we plunged into a four week project of Regreening a space in the historical downtown district of our city. It was a great experience! Regreening is not the LEED process or anywhere near the intensive process as LEED is, however, it's still a great way to design. We design and specify in an environmentally friendly way. Recycled glass countertops, low- VOC finishes, Eco-friendly construction materials, etc. We also incorporated as many materials and existing items as we could! Example, the owner saved many of the original tin decorative tiles from the ceilings. We specified to refinish and use the tin for the backsplashes.

All in all, It was very intense for 4 weeks and a definite learning experience designing around the historical preservation committee regulations and certain structural and egress laws. Without going too much into detail, here is a small part of our end result.

Overall Floor plan

Apartment finishes

Office finishes