The Beauty Blender

Do you use a foundation brush? A beauty sponge? Or a powder brush for your powder foundation? 
I've used them all at one point or another.  I've just never found something that I really cared for honestly. I've mostly used cheap beauty sponges that have like 54,367 sponges in each pack for $4.00. ;) 
I choose a sponge because I use Estée Lauder Double Wear liquid foundation. My sister found this foundation a few years ago and I've loved it and used it ever since.

I have tried using a foundation brush in the past. It was okay. But I don't really like the feel after it's applied. 
My face has done okay with the sponges. Though this particular type of foundation is has great coverage, it also lacks a moisturizer. I always apply moisturizer to my face before the foundation to help this. It never fails though. Every year when the cold and dry air sets in, the skin on and sometimes around my nose gets weak and begins to  peels or crack. So in my search for a corrective process to prevent that, I decided I'd really try the beauty blender that I have in my vanity desk.

I kept hearing about the beauty blenders but never settled on trying one. I even bought one at TJ Maxx a few months ago. It's not the name brand Beauty Blender. But I honestly can't see how it's much different. It looks exactly like the black sponge in the picture above.

If you don't know how they work, basically it's an oval sponge that you submerge in water, squeeze several times to collect water into the sponge. Then you basically squeeze most of the water back out of your sponge leaving it damp. Use a dry towel and squeeze the sponge several times to remove the extra water out just so the sponge is barely damp. And basically then apply your foundation, liquid blushes, and highlighters on with it in a particular way. Usually just "sponging" in on your face. 

I've used it for only four days now and I've already seen a huge improvement in the cracking and peeling of my skin. And it's like dry and 5 degrees here in southeast Missouri. So I'm hoping the improvement will stick around! But I also love the way it works. I feel like I have more coverage and more "blend" for lack of a better word. 

So you should try it too! It's worth the time spent just trying! :) 

The Beauty Blender
Off brands found at TJ Maxx, beauty stores, Walgreens, CVS

Remember Why

As I'm heading into a new semester, I'm slightly dreading the course load and work ahead. I feel like giving up at times. It would, in fact, be easier to just stop with school. No more homework, no more late nights. Lots of extra time with my little E. Lots of time with family and friends. But then I see this---

And I do remember. 

I remember that I've pretty much hit the typical salary cap that I'd make in the current degree I hold. I remember that I truly want to work and create in my dream job. I remember back to three full years of full time employment while I was pleading and praying to God about what I should really do with my life. I remember when I finally felt like I had received my answer. I remember all of the experiences and private schooling we wish to give E throughout her life. I remember the same wish for a possible future child(ren). I remember that I really do not have much longer in school in the grand scheme of things. I remember that my child gets my attention a majority of nights in the semester, and that really it's only my sleep that's affected when I do have a lot to do. I remember that I really do love the field and creativity that interior design brings. I remember the feeling of accomplishment as projects are completed. I know that I will feel incredible and accomplished when this degree is complete! 

Bath Project Fall 2013

As the new semester rolls in, I'm organizing last Fall's projects into my portfolio. Here's one of my last projects in the semester. A bathroom design based on NKBA recommendations including a client profile. The project, of course, also included design concepts, fixture specifications, finish schedules, etc. This was also a complete hand drafting project. So, there are also complete hand drafted floor plans with nomenclature and all that extra fun stuff. :)

The perspective was super rushed for the project deadline. So please don't judge... :)

Back in the office!

I'm officially back to my design job as of about two weeks ago. Through the slow period at work from summer through the fall, I took advantage of the time I gained back to my schedule and took more classes than normal last fall. It pretty much took control over my life since I also had one other part time job to be at. But it was definitely the most beneficial, time consuming, and informational semester I've had. The projects were never ending and those were only on top of all the other homework each class provided. But, it's over and I have some pretty crazy awesome projects for my portfolio. :) My husband was the wonderful one to help me out on those extreme homework nights. He would take little E and go have fun with her until her bedtime routine. He gave the baths and he did some dinners too. Of course, I naturally felt like a horrible mommy on those nights and had multiple mini break-downs over it. Of course, John was always there to remind me that this is only for a little while longer. And then there were still the days that I did get to spend with that sweet girl and then paid for it with 3 a.m. homework nights. So worth it though. And I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas and New Year weeks when I finally took some time off.

The last few weeks, I've been getting so many small projects around the house done! E's baby book is complete (yay!), all of our files and receipts have been organized or scanned to my electronic files (bring on tax season), E's small clothes and toys have been organized into boxes for storage, and I did my OCD thing on packing the Christmas decorations away. :) Then I came to a halt, spent tons of time with my parents and siblings and some close friends of course. And now, my house cleaning is looming over my head. That will get done sometime this weekend I'm sure.

This coming semester, I've backed off of the amount of classes very slightly. I probably COULD HAVE taken one or two more CAD classes because honestly, I think they are easy, but I wanted some time to actually be able to work and be home at 5 as well. I'm not anticipating this semester to be as bad as last. But I could be terribly wrong. I'm being optimistic.

Back to the office. We are just beginning to work on some big projects located in Cape. Both are a little different design scheme than last year's big project. So it's refreshing to see some new finishes. It's great to be back and in the swing of things there. I really love the job. It's great practical and real-life experience. Not to mention, I have another contract design class this semester that's basically parallel to what I do in my job; Hospitality design. I wonder if I'll learn anything new? :) 

Wednesday Favorite - Graze

A couple weeks ago, during my toddler's nap time, I found myself spacing out to the tv. All of a sudden, this commercial comes on for a subscription snack service called Graze. Nutritional sample snacks that come in a box and can be delivered to your work or home. They mentioned a special offer for your first free box with an offer code. I jumped on my laptop (because I love these sort of things) and signed up. Typically your boxes come every two weeks, and they are $6 per box... I'm not a fan of paying $6 for four sample snacks, but still, my first box was free. I put my subscription on hold until I decide if it's worth it or not. Either I've spent nothing so far.

I got my box today! I have to say, the snacks look delicious. I wanted to save them for work though I was so tempted to open each one.. So I will update on my thoughts. But so far so good! 

I received a friend join code for only 4 people! Here it is! Hurry, it can only be used those four times! 


Go go go!! :)

Update {1.16.14}.... Seriously, every single snack was delicious. I may spoil myself for a few more months... And these are the perfect size for tossing into a handbag or school bag. YUM!

Fall 2013 Kitchen Project

Here's another project from this fall! This kitchen project was our first project in the class this semester. Of course, like many other projects, the only stage that is presented is the final stage. In the beginning, we make client programs, diagramming, and lastly, choose appliances and finishes according to client wishes including all the information in specification packets. We are required to plan and draw kitchen plans according to NKBA guidelines. We draw and redraw until happy and then begin the presentation process.

A beginning elevation on trace....

The final full plan...

Final Elevations

Final Elevations

Finish Board

Plan Presentation Board