Back in the office!

I'm officially back to my design job as of about two weeks ago. Through the slow period at work from summer through the fall, I took advantage of the time I gained back to my schedule and took more classes than normal last fall. It pretty much took control over my life since I also had one other part time job to be at. But it was definitely the most beneficial, time consuming, and informational semester I've had. The projects were never ending and those were only on top of all the other homework each class provided. But, it's over and I have some pretty crazy awesome projects for my portfolio. :) My husband was the wonderful one to help me out on those extreme homework nights. He would take little E and go have fun with her until her bedtime routine. He gave the baths and he did some dinners too. Of course, I naturally felt like a horrible mommy on those nights and had multiple mini break-downs over it. Of course, John was always there to remind me that this is only for a little while longer. And then there were still the days that I did get to spend with that sweet girl and then paid for it with 3 a.m. homework nights. So worth it though. And I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas and New Year weeks when I finally took some time off.

The last few weeks, I've been getting so many small projects around the house done! E's baby book is complete (yay!), all of our files and receipts have been organized or scanned to my electronic files (bring on tax season), E's small clothes and toys have been organized into boxes for storage, and I did my OCD thing on packing the Christmas decorations away. :) Then I came to a halt, spent tons of time with my parents and siblings and some close friends of course. And now, my house cleaning is looming over my head. That will get done sometime this weekend I'm sure.

This coming semester, I've backed off of the amount of classes very slightly. I probably COULD HAVE taken one or two more CAD classes because honestly, I think they are easy, but I wanted some time to actually be able to work and be home at 5 as well. I'm not anticipating this semester to be as bad as last. But I could be terribly wrong. I'm being optimistic.

Back to the office. We are just beginning to work on some big projects located in Cape. Both are a little different design scheme than last year's big project. So it's refreshing to see some new finishes. It's great to be back and in the swing of things there. I really love the job. It's great practical and real-life experience. Not to mention, I have another contract design class this semester that's basically parallel to what I do in my job; Hospitality design. I wonder if I'll learn anything new? :)