Remember Why

As I'm heading into a new semester, I'm slightly dreading the course load and work ahead. I feel like giving up at times. It would, in fact, be easier to just stop with school. No more homework, no more late nights. Lots of extra time with my little E. Lots of time with family and friends. But then I see this---

And I do remember. 

I remember that I've pretty much hit the typical salary cap that I'd make in the current degree I hold. I remember that I truly want to work and create in my dream job. I remember back to three full years of full time employment while I was pleading and praying to God about what I should really do with my life. I remember when I finally felt like I had received my answer. I remember all of the experiences and private schooling we wish to give E throughout her life. I remember the same wish for a possible future child(ren). I remember that I really do not have much longer in school in the grand scheme of things. I remember that my child gets my attention a majority of nights in the semester, and that really it's only my sleep that's affected when I do have a lot to do. I remember that I really do love the field and creativity that interior design brings. I remember the feeling of accomplishment as projects are completed. I know that I will feel incredible and accomplished when this degree is complete!