The Beauty Blender

Do you use a foundation brush? A beauty sponge? Or a powder brush for your powder foundation? 
I've used them all at one point or another.  I've just never found something that I really cared for honestly. I've mostly used cheap beauty sponges that have like 54,367 sponges in each pack for $4.00. ;) 
I choose a sponge because I use Estée Lauder Double Wear liquid foundation. My sister found this foundation a few years ago and I've loved it and used it ever since.

I have tried using a foundation brush in the past. It was okay. But I don't really like the feel after it's applied. 
My face has done okay with the sponges. Though this particular type of foundation is has great coverage, it also lacks a moisturizer. I always apply moisturizer to my face before the foundation to help this. It never fails though. Every year when the cold and dry air sets in, the skin on and sometimes around my nose gets weak and begins to  peels or crack. So in my search for a corrective process to prevent that, I decided I'd really try the beauty blender that I have in my vanity desk.

I kept hearing about the beauty blenders but never settled on trying one. I even bought one at TJ Maxx a few months ago. It's not the name brand Beauty Blender. But I honestly can't see how it's much different. It looks exactly like the black sponge in the picture above.

If you don't know how they work, basically it's an oval sponge that you submerge in water, squeeze several times to collect water into the sponge. Then you basically squeeze most of the water back out of your sponge leaving it damp. Use a dry towel and squeeze the sponge several times to remove the extra water out just so the sponge is barely damp. And basically then apply your foundation, liquid blushes, and highlighters on with it in a particular way. Usually just "sponging" in on your face. 

I've used it for only four days now and I've already seen a huge improvement in the cracking and peeling of my skin. And it's like dry and 5 degrees here in southeast Missouri. So I'm hoping the improvement will stick around! But I also love the way it works. I feel like I have more coverage and more "blend" for lack of a better word. 

So you should try it too! It's worth the time spent just trying! :) 

The Beauty Blender
Off brands found at TJ Maxx, beauty stores, Walgreens, CVS