Wednesday Favorite - Graze

A couple weeks ago, during my toddler's nap time, I found myself spacing out to the tv. All of a sudden, this commercial comes on for a subscription snack service called Graze. Nutritional sample snacks that come in a box and can be delivered to your work or home. They mentioned a special offer for your first free box with an offer code. I jumped on my laptop (because I love these sort of things) and signed up. Typically your boxes come every two weeks, and they are $6 per box... I'm not a fan of paying $6 for four sample snacks, but still, my first box was free. I put my subscription on hold until I decide if it's worth it or not. Either I've spent nothing so far.

I got my box today! I have to say, the snacks look delicious. I wanted to save them for work though I was so tempted to open each one.. So I will update on my thoughts. But so far so good! 

I received a friend join code for only 4 people! Here it is! Hurry, it can only be used those four times! 


Go go go!! :)

Update {1.16.14}.... Seriously, every single snack was delicious. I may spoil myself for a few more months... And these are the perfect size for tossing into a handbag or school bag. YUM!