Spring 2014 Hospitality Design

Hospitality design was a great class this year. Having a part time job in hospitality design already has helped me tremendously. I've had on-the-job learning experience and real world situations to help with and learn through. I still learned in class of course so many ideas and systems began to link themselves.

Our project this semester was to choose a specific type of hotel, location, and then design it with a partner using the floor plans of one of the residence halls on campus. A residence hall and a hotel are, as you can imagine, quite different. So it was a challenge for each team. My partner and I had some great ideas right off so we dug into the project. Our hotel type is a Design Hotel. We decided to locate the hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark. We both liked the idea of a Danish design hotel. We focused on clean line and finishes with many pops of colors and unique furniture. We used a variety of different design methods and programs to complete our project and presentation boards. Many sketches, lots of Revit, photoshop, powerpoint, graphic design software, etc. We had one project manual and we both created our own boards. Here are my presentation boards and our manual!

Location and Demographics
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Project Manual