Spring 2014 Lighting and Electrical Project

This semester lighting and electrical systems mainly consisted of many informational lectures, field trips, and mini-assignments. We had one final project. Our project was to layout lighting, electrical, HVAC, and fire safety systems in a future Southeast affiliated Creative Labs Incubator building. Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a pic of my final drafted project. These project begin by evaluating the floor plans, forming a lighting criteria matrix, choosing fixtures and lamps, and then determining footcandles needed/number of lamps needed. We then create pre-lim layouts, sketches, and end with final layouts and reflected ceiling plans. I, at least, have part of my project manual to post. Usually project manuals are the background part of all projects. They aren't always displayed but they're the "meat" of the project entirely. Presentation boards and rendered floor plans are usually my last steps for a project. A great presentation board can take me anywhere from 1-7 hours depending on the depth of the project and the amount of perfectionism I put into them. :) For now, here are bits and pieces from my latest lighting project.