Spring 2014 Multi-Cultural Design

Multi-Cultural design project was yet another challenge this semester. The project itself was to design an Experiential Learning Culture Museum on three floors of an existing New York six-story building in Greenwich Village. The museum would serve families, class field trips, etc. We were given seven countries to research, plan, and implement on the three floors.

The beginning of the semester was mainly research in between other small multi-cultural assignments. Working through the design process, codes, international student interviews, pre-lim sketches, lighting analysis, and diagramming were addressed. After pre-lim layouts were formed, some of us found that our specific ideas and layouts would not work with the codes we worked through. Luckily, I found new solutions and addressed them early in the process. Finishes, FF&E, and lighting schedules slowly begin to form. So much work in Revit designing the spaces, adding schedules, forming floor plans, finish plans, furniture plans, RCPs, callouts, etc. Finally, I ended with quite a few pages of construction documents. On to one of my favorite parts of the design process! Rendering and presentation boards! This was a solo project all the way. Though we like to bounce ideas off of one another often. Here are my boards and project manual.

Board 1 of 2

Board 2 of 2