My oily experience so far

I’ve really been holding off on a post like this. I don't think I'll be posting things like this often on here because that's not what this blog is really about. 

Sure, I technically “advertise” that I use essential oils on my social media pages, but mainly because I’m amazed at how much these therapeutic grade oils have helped me and I like to share my life with my friends and loved ones. Facebook and Instagram are the easiest ways to include my friends and family in even the tiniest of fun things going on in my life. I’ve really only been a Young Living member for a little over three months now. That’s really not very long. But I have friends and acquaintances that have been using them for much longer time with numerous results! I wanted to wait to really dig in deep until I had actually tried them for a few months and wanted to see whether they really would work on me. But lately, I have so many people asking me "what's up with essential oils?" 

In just three months, I’ve seen many different kinds of oils work their little God-given magic (because let’s be honest, He gave us the plants and knowledge of how to use them). I sound like a tree-hugger. But in all honesty, I went out on a limb (see what I did there?) buying my first set of oils. I had my mom and a friend of hers telling me how they worked and all the different uses.  I was skeptical as all get out. BUT, my mom is no liar. My mom’s friend is no liar. I thought, “Well, I guess if I don’t like them, I can just stop buying and give them to my mom.”

One of Young Living’s biggest perks to me is that you’re not in “it” for life if you don’t want to be/they won’t hassle you for more money or purchases. They will let you know of monthly promotions and even cool tips about the oils, which is the same as any other company. You won’t be bugged by a rep every month to place an order. You may have a referral member or sponsor, but it’s not the same as a pyramid company. You can purchase the oils yourself at retail price on your own at You have to become a retail member, but it’s the same as being customer at J If you decide to become a wholesale price member {meaning you will get 24% off every product}, then you do have to purchase the starter kit as a one-time purchase {a GREAT deal by the way especially to get you started} and you would need to purchase at least $50 per YEAR on your account. If you like the oils, that won’t be a problem. If you don’t want to spend the $50, then fine. No biggie. You just won’t be a wholesale member after that one year period after your first purchase is up. You can also sign up for a program call Essential Rewards; a monthly automatic shipment that will allow you to earn points on your purchases if you really like the oils. I will say, these are an investment. Some oils are not cheap. But neither are some of the medications we've had to buy. But they last an incredibly long time. And Young Living monthly promotions are awesome!

I digress.

I thought that, it’s worth a try given the scoliosis and hip/pelvis issues I’ve had. Not to mention, seasonal allergies and the like. Health insurance is expensive. It’s not that we are going to stop going to the doctor to get our yearly exams or for anything a little more serious, but hey, less man-made medication for headaches, tummy aches, acne, and all kinds of little ailments, the better I suppose. And we'll have an all-in-one medicine cabinet instead of buying tons of creams, pills, and weird ointments that have who-knows-what in them! My mom had also boasted of the quick response/recovery she had with using essential oils. I was VERY interested in that. So my sister and I got our starter kits and immediately loved them. All the oils are absorbed by your skin and leave no greasy feeling.

What I also like is that Young Living oils are therapeutic grade oils. Meaning, you can ingest them, put them on your skin (some require dilution by coconut/olive/or any other vegetable oil), and diffuse them into the air. I am unsure of any other brand that would pass the testing that Young Living’s oils pass. You cannot just go to a health food store and buy therapeutic grade oils. DO NOT ingest health food store oils. I wouldn’t even use them on my skin in all honesty. I’ve learned that all Young Living farms and partner farms are supposed to be on virgin soil (meaning no pesticides or any yucky stuff has ever been added to plants, etc on the land). And after harvest and the whole process, each batch of oils are analyzed and inspected for trace amount of anything but the actual essential oils. Honestly, I’m not really 100% sure on the entire process without using the educational material that Young Living provides. Believe it. Don’t believe it. Visit a Young Living farm for proof I suppose. J

The main reason I’m posting this long mess is to give some of my personal experiences in a little more detail and to have them in one place. Also for little tidbits that aren’t always very obvious when first starting out with the oils. I’ve learned these from forums, informational packets, members, and personal experience. So here goes:

Never put oils in any drinking containers made of foam or plastic. The oils are so potent that they will “eat” the foam right on through (I tried it once) and plastic has lots of yucky stuff that can be pulled out by the oils. So always use glass. My mom insists on US made glass too. J You can also use metal cups. Just use your best judgment. If you are drinking the liquid very quickly within a few minutes, plastic isn’t bad for a quick use. But glass works wonderfully.

Water “strengthens” the effects of the oils. If you’re putting peppermint on your temples or forehead and you get some in your eye, don’t panic. It won’t hurt you at all but it may feel extra cool and irritating for a short time. But don’t try to flush your eye out with water. Use an olive oil or similar to help dilute the oil. Likewise, if you put a wet towel over your forehead after application for a headache, it does help the peppermint to feel stronger in my opinion. You can also use water to temporary reactivate a spot where you applied oil earlier.

One drop will suffice in many cases!!! More does not mean better. In the large bottles, there are like 300 drops... So use your math. The big bottles should last quite a while. I'm on month two of my large lemon, peppermint, and lavender bottles. I use them everyday multiple times a day and I haven't even hit the half way mark. So remember that when you're buying.

Melaleuca Alternifolia – Do not let animals get in touch with this one. Even diluted, it can make them sick or worse. I do use this in a blended oil that I use. But mainly for my legs and I always cover them afterwards until it’s soaked in. So far, we’ve not had any problems with our yorkie getting in touch with it.

These below are my personal experiences. Obviously, I can’t guarantee that every person will have the same result as I have.

1. My first experience began when I started the essential oil “allergy shots.”
A drop or two of each into juice, coconut water, or whatever. I used Ningxia Red wolfberry juice for a while because it came with the giant starter kit we purchased. After I ran out of Ningxia Red, I just started adding it to a super small glass of water, chugging it, and then washing it down with big gulps of regular water because I don’t particularly love the taste of lavender and peppermint mixed. LOL! Having said this, remember what I said about waters effects on the oils. (If you get lavender or peppermint on your lips when drinking, you’ll feel the effects on your lips but not to worry it will go away soon and the lavender is actually great for your lips). I’ve not had any of my regular seasonal allergies for three months during the spring and early summer using this “shot” every day. I will notice a flare-up if I forget for a few days in a row. If I feel particularly stuffy, I use the roll-on Breathe Again right under my nose and then rub a little Purification each side of my nose. That has always done the trick. I have a runny nose usually within ten minutes and it stop after I blow my nose once. And it’s gone. Poof. Seriously, I can’t even… I just did this last night right before bed because I felt unusually stuffy and knew it’d be worse in the morning. A bit of Purification later and I woke up like it never happened.

2. My second experience is again, with Purification. I wasn’t quite sure if it would really work on what I needed it to. I do not have bad acne. I do have issues with large pores, but only about once a month do I get an actual pimple. I get really small less noticeable ones, but I get those really super deep pimples (the ones that are really red and sore first and show up later) on my nose. I hate them. I always want to mess with them and then I usually end up with a sore or scab and it takes two weeks to go away! So far, in three months, like clockwork, I’ve had three of these (once per month) begin to form on my nose. The difference this time, is that I used Purification a couple times a day for two days on the spot. And voila! Gone. It would be a little red and definitely sore. But the soreness would stop and the redness would stop in its tracks and go away. Pretty awesome.

3. Lavender. I use lavender in lots of things. But I also use it for dry skin on my face. I get dry and cracked skin on the corners of my mouth every spring. They don’t go away. It’s just… yuck. So I began using a little lavender in the spots and of course, a day or two later, the spots are completely healed. The dryness does come back if I don’t use the lavender at least once a week in those spots.
4. My post-shower oil/diaper rash soother
10 drops of lavender
10 drops of Melalueca Alternifolia
¼ cup of coconut oil
Combine all in small glass jar. Store in cool, dry area.
This year, I have had the WORST dry skin. I mean, like itchy legs all the time. I thought it was the dry weather and it could very well be from hard city water. But it continues to be that way unless I use this stuff after every time I shower. And it also works wonders for soothing diaper rash for Elaina.

5. Lemon, Orange, and Grapefruit in water (all together or separate) are amazing! Very refreshing!

6. I was very tired one night during a final project. I had a deadline coming super-fast at me. I remember feeling very stressed and tired at 9pm after putting our daughter down to sleep. I rubbed Frankincense on my feet, put some socks on, and also diffused Frankincense in my diffuser, prayed a prayer to God for energy, and began my work. After an hour, I noticed how very concentrated and focused I was. I was still tired but kept going. Three A.M. rolled around and I was still up and focused and finished part of my entire project. Not sure if it was a fluke, but most likely the power of prayer and maybe the focus from the Frankincense. J I did add Frankincense and Valor to my feet this morning before work. I have noticed the same effect; concentration, focus, and less sleepiness. My day flew by at both my jobs. I’m telling you. It’s a strange feeling with all that I have going on right now. Awesome, but really strange.

7. In the midst of a lot of essential oils success, I have experienced some that didn’t work as some people have told me. I watched a webinar on using Thieves oil blend for lots of things but particularly mold with amazing sounding results. When tested, Thieves when applied is supposed to prevent eliminate and prevent mold from growing. I tried it on my shower a month or so ago where the mold usually forms on a caulked area. I sprayed a generous (what I thought was generous) amount of water diluted Thieves cleaner on the area. That could have been my problem was using the actual cleaner and not the oil. I let it sit and then scrubbed it. The mold reoccurred a few weeks later in the same spot. So, I will now try to put a much less diluted amount of Thieves Cleaner or maybe just the oil itself on it and see what happens. I’ll update after that! Hopefully it will work.

8. Also, Thieves is supposed to help with canker sores. In the last year, I get canker sores when I’m stressed out; which can be pretty frequent. One time, I tried using Thieves on it for a few days and it didn’t do anything but burn. I’ve tried Purification as well, with a little bit better results. But my dad (yes, my dad is an oil user too!) swears by lavender. He’s out in the heat a lot with his job and gets frequent cold sores. He’s tried Thieves as well with the same luck that I had, but once he used lavender, the sore healed up in less than two days.  I haven’t had a canker sore for about three weeks to a month. Could also be from using my Stress Away blend. J And prayer. Always prayer. But I’m going to try lavender next to see if I get even better results.

9. Thieves toothpaste; another item from my starter kit. The toothpaste is great. My teeth are whiter and less sensitive. However, it doesn’t have a very strong minty taste and it does not foam or bubble up like some toothpastes. But I’m fine with that. I like the more subtle taste. I’m no scientist, but the foaming effect in regular toothpaste is caused by sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and has been found to cause canker sores! So that could also be why I’m having less canker sores. It’s just different starting out from using super minty Crest. J It is quite costly to me at $9. But if it’s decreasing my chances of a canker sore, I’ll splurge for my mouth and my sanity.

10. Peppermint and Pan Away for headaches. I like to use them both at the same time. But for cost reasons (Pan Away is $32 for a small 5-mL bottle and $74 for a typical 15-mL bottle - yikes), I use mainly the Peppermint. I’m still on my first bottle of Pan Away that came with my kit, and it IS great at relieving neck tension during a headache or migraine.

11. Back/Hip/Pelvis pain oil. I have mild scoliosis, hip pain as a result of my L5 being fused together with my SI joint (don’t ask me how that can even happen but I’m guessing that’s what caused the scoliosis… lol), and pelvic problems from previous pregnancy. Honestly, in a last ditch effort, I threw this oil blend together. It has made a noticeable difference. My hip pain began to flare up a few weeks ago and it usually does at least 2-5 times a year. I had heard that Valor helped with body alignment/centering (don’t EVEN ask me how because I have no clue at how) among other things. So I whipped out my coconut oil, a glass jar, and began adding oils. I can’t even tell you how many drops of each. But I used, Basil, Frankincense, Valor, Lavender, Peace and Calming, Stress Away, and Pan Away. I put it altogether in one jar and mixed it up. That stuff is potent. It really helped me sleep. But I also am sort of seeing results in my back/hip pain. I don’t use it all the time. Just at night before bed when I’m beginning to feel pain in my back or hip and I rub it on where I’m feeling the sensitivity or pain. It has helped some. The flare-ups are getting better faster from my experience. Usually I’m completely useless for a day or two during a flare-up, but I never got to that point. Could be a fluke, could be the oils. That’s just what I’m trying.

12. Stress Away with a quick prayer can get me through a crazy busy afternoon with no freak-outs. I definitely attribute a lot to prayer because I do have a running prayer constantly going on in my head it feels like. But applying the Stress Away gives me the reminder to stop, pray, apply, breathe, etc. Hey, it works for me.

13. Peace and Calming. This one is supposed to help with many things but also for children. I’ve heard people say that it works great for kids especially for winding down at bedtime. Elaina really likes the oil and it’s the only one I feel comfortable letting her handle herself (with my supervision of course). We do put it on her feet and I tried it on her tummy once for tummy aches. She rarely has trouble with bedtime so we never try to use it for that specifically. And I don’t really watch her sleep anymore, so I wouldn’t know if it helped her there. I guess I could attempt to correlate it with how she feels and acts the next day. I can’t say that we’ve seen a calmer Elaina because of it. But, I will say that I diffuse it sometimes and that it does help me sleep. Someone told me that it’s great for restless leg syndrome too. It’s still worth owning. I need to give it a better shot and pay more attention I think.

14. Peppermint. Lots of people like it in their water for energy! My sister has replaced all drinks with peppermint water. Because she’s hardcore like that. J Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the taste of peppermint. I know! I’m a freak. But I’ve never liked peppermint hard candy and while I think York Peppermint Patties look delicious on commercials, I can never finish one. I really should try harder on this one probably. But I do like the smell and way it helps my allergies from my allergy “shots.” You try. You be the judge. J

15. Breathe Again Roller Ball Oil. It’s basically Vicks, but nothing weird in it and it works very well! I put it on my chest and under my nose, but I seriously haven’t been hard core sick yet since beginning the oils. I’ve used it here and there for times when I feel stuff coming on. So if I ever do get sick, I’ll try it then and let you know.

16. Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner. Okay, so for the past 10 months, I’ve had really weird issues with my scalp. No itchiness and not dandruff. Just weird, irritated spots. I have no idea what is/was causing it. I have not changed my routine or drastically changed products and our water should be the same (but you never know). They will not go away! So I decided to try the lavender shampoo and conditioner from Young Living. So far, I’ve used it about three times. I’m already noticing what I think is a difference. The shampoo doesn’t lather too much, but I think that’s good. My hair smells fresh and FEELS fresh. So far, so good.

There are so many other uses I’ve found and so many other oils for different uses, but this post is long enough. If you’d like more information, let me know or just go to I am working on collecting names of people who would like to know more. I may have a fun evening later this summer to let people try {and smell} before they buy. If you’d like to become a member, retail or wholesale, I’d like to pass on my Member ID: 1728195. You can use it for a referral. And if you have questions while signing up, feel free to message me! Again, no matter what, there’s no pressure to buy which is pretty cool. But the company does like to reward their members who pass on information and refer friends to them which are where the ID’s come in.