It's that time again! The downward slide of the week!

Today, for Wallcovering Wednesday, I've chosen a pattern from National Wallcovering's fun stock of wallcovering. I love their selections and I actually had a hard time choosing from the selection they have. However, Tweed Embroidery jumped at me! I love the color palette they provide and how it has a whimsical feel to it while still remaining a modern piece. I'm not entirely sure if I'd go so far to use it to cover an entire room, but an accent wall or two? It'd be perfect! It's soft enough that I would LOVE to specify the Sheep's Wool colorway as an accent wall in a nursery! How sweet would that be?!

 There are many other colorways for this one as well. Tea House Tan gives a shimmery silver look, while Cottage Stone has more bronze in it. Both gorgeous!
See full details and additional colors here at national wallcovering's website!