Today is one of my favorite days of the week!

Saturdays at our house usually equate to sleeping in, snuggles, cartoons, and farmers market in historic downtown Cape Girardeau. And that's just in the morning! 

If you've never visited downtown Cape Girardeau, it's the perfect place to be on Saturdays. Lots of shopping in quaint little shops, almost all of which are family-owned small businesses. B&Bs, shopping, yummy cafe food. Be sure to stop at Spanish Street Mercantile for yummy homemade ice cream (strawberry is the best) and old fashion sodas! And then for a pick-me-up latte at Dynamite Coffee! The farmers market is awesome and boasts of the yummiest Amish homemade doughnuts you've ever had. But really, the coolest part of the downtown area are the people and the history! Zickfields is a jewelry and gift shop that's been in business almost 76 years!! And the owners are pretty fabulous. So many people willing stop and chat and share the beauty with you!

This morning's haul during our family time. Maybe I bought an extra doughnut for later...