Enjoy, my sister, Rachael's maternity session! A fun story about our shoot - I woke up that day and was lounging on the couch. I picked up my phone and called Rachael and asked if she'd like to finally get some maternity photos done. She said she would and we agreed to meet at her house with our sis-in-law to come do makeup. We took the morning to do makeup and hair. I made her sit in countless uncomfortable positions for photos (anything for the photos, right?!) and even made her walk to a across the street and into a field in the freezing cold. But she was gorgeous and we had a blast! 
The following day I posted these photos!
Rach and I were talking on the phone in the evening about her hospital bag being ready. She had at least three and a half weeks to go, but she was mostly ready. We hung up and five minutes later we got the call that her water broke! What a night! So these photos were literally 24 hours before she went into labor! I don't know how much more maternity you can get!