1. Iris | Matrix | Bright Vintage
2. Iris | Ecocrete | Aqua
3. Stonepeak | Aura | Moss
4. Milliken | Color Field | Chelsea Grey
5. Concrete with brass bands (Courtesy of Martin Boyce)

It all started with our Milliken carpet rep swinging by to drop off new books and a product catalog. While flipping through the catalog, I landed on this page. Page 29. It was love at first sight.,, We have a particular project that I knew NEEDED this carpet tile, so I immediately got to work to incorporate it. How great is that brushstroke effect?! The samples definitely live up to the photos too which doesn't always happen as expected. There are so many colors to choose from and so varied. And then lay it in a herringbone... heart-stopping! I have to admit, I'm a herringbone addict. I often find a place in many projects to either go bold with it or just sneak a little h.b. in, but I love how it makes a statement with this particular tile.

I've paired it with a few of my favorite coordinating products including concrete-look tile, glossy deep gold accent tiles, and bright white textured finish tile. All swoon-worthy.