Meet Olivia! She's such a beauty! AND she was sound asleep for almost the entire session! 

Let me tell you a little about this family. They are three of the best people. Olivia's mommy and daddy are two of our great friends! Her daddy was my grade school friend and classmate and I met his beautiful wife in college as my husband and I began double-dating with them! One year after they were married, Olivia's daddy was diagnosed with cancer in late 2014. He beat cancer not too long after and just one short year later, they found out they were expecting a baby! 

A fun little tidbit about Olivia's name - her mommy and daddy saved her name as a surprise for everyone (which was so fun by the way)! At her mommy's baby shower, I unknowingly, gave her the children's book, "Olivia" and her mommy had to keep it all to herself so she wouldn't let it slip!