Grey kitchen cabinets have been trending the last few years, and frankly, I'm on board! My personal favorite would be an all-white kitchen, however, I totally understand when clients decide against white for less discoloration/cleaning purposes. Grey would be my definite next choice for my clients who love white cabinets, but cannot realistically choose them. Grey can be trendy, yes, but they're so versatile! I see the grey kitchen as a trend that will continue for quite some time. And there are great options in cabinet pulls and hardware to continue the trendy flair or show a more classic look.

While grey cabinets may not fit everyone's taste, I think they look fantastic and offer so many options for a unique look.

| Modern | 

A modern contrasting option - Dark grey base cabinets and white wall cabinets with bold accents, gold hardware and fixtures and herringbone backsplash

| Farmhouse |

Add a wood block countertop to reinforce the use of raw materials in a farmhouse look

Or, wood block open shelves replacing wall cabinets

| Lighten Up |

Lighter grey options lighten up your kitchen space and look fabulous with white countertops

Love, love, love those gold cabinet pulls! 

So, what do you think? Comment below!