It’s time to get real – My husband and I have been living in our home for nearly six and a half years. That’s a pretty long time for us, considering we purchased the home during the final week of the first time home buyer’s tax credit year and only planned to stay for the minimum three years.
I’ll admit, it’s been a challenging little home, but on the other hand, it’s also been a great place to live. We live across from the city park, which is beautiful by the way. For the first years of our daughter’s life, we could cross the street and then walk a very short way to Elaina’s favorite playground. It was a blessing that even though we could have found the time and energy to create a backyard for her at home, we didn’t have to. Our home has great big windows in the living and dining areas, shaded by many trees, which I’ve always loved. The bonus living area (acting as the playroom currently) has big pretty windows with custom built interior shutters and custom window shades above, which I’ve always loved. Crown molding, ten-foot ceilings, HUGE master walk-in closet and a large kitchen space with a large kitchen island are other fabulous characteristics. The house has so much character, so I’ve often struggled with how much we really want to put into it. With the preparations for putting our house on the market, we've decided that we can make some more cosmetic changes to give the house the boost it needs to sell quickly.

On the flip side, our home is also an old home, which was renovated several times, but never fully updated. We are living with one, small bathroom (ancient lifestyle, right?), a farmhouse kitchen with a lack of cabinetry for such a large space (and complete with a great wood stove that I’ve never been brave enough to use), and far too few ceiling light fixtures installed throughout. The exterior needs a lot of work. We've definitely let the exterior go a bit this year with so much going on, but it's all in the works. At six years, we’re feeling very ready to move, though we aren’t truly ready. We’ve got some maintenance to do in many areas of the house and a few things to work on through the next year, but we’re getting there! 

We made quite a few cosmetic changes when we first moved in the house, and then for the most part stopped renovating due to my career change and lack of time and energy, and quite frankly, working on other design projects besides my home. But now, I’m getting back in full swing. We’re working to update and stage each room for our inevitable move in the near future. I also wanted the update to finally pull some of my style into our home in rooms that hadn't been previously working for me. The furniture I purchase now, will also be going into a new home for us, so I'll be keeping that in mind as I prepare. I'm also prepared to take a little time to find the right pieces and the best options for us. Rome wasn't built over night, right? You get it.

My first thought was to our kitchen. I know almost exactly what I’m going to do in there. However, when listing the project out, it was slightly more labor intensive than I wanted to tackle during the holidays when I need my kitchen for cooking and baking. The painting and small items may be tackled, but we'll wait until after the new year for the rest.

So I sat down and made a list of rooms that needed work, which is basically every room except for Elaina’s and a couple small areas. Her bedroom is the room that could be considered done. I have a few pieces of artwork to hang and a few new pulls are in order for her dressers, but then I’d consider it complete. Her room is very neutral with white bedding and pops of gold and blush, which was my goal initially to keep the room neutral for potential buyers. My brother (the professional painter in the family) helped us with her room last year, so I’m grateful to be finished in one room. We also recently finished painting our upstairs nook and stairwell, as well as staging there.

We still have a lot of painting to do it seems, but we’ll get there.

I thought I’d keep some “Follow Along” posts for the next months detailing our work and staging wins and losses!

Stay tuned for:

Office/Playroom/Bonus Room Staging
Kitchen Renovation
Living Area Staging
Master Bedroom Reno and Staging
Laundry Room Reno and Staging