With my daughter’s birthday (and Christmas) coming up, I began to do the usual, picking through the toys that I know she doesn’t play with anymore. Together we sorted and packed some away to rotate back in later, and passed many toys on to younger cousins.

With the whole staging of our home process, I decided to give this room a little love. I really love this bonus room and I think it can really help sell our home. So some attention won’t hurt. As we were cleaning items out, I decided to go ahead make a small workspace for myself. I prefer to work on my computer in the main areas of our home and an office space doesn’t really work for me right now, so I think that combining Elaina’s “big girl” playroom with a super small workspace for me will work nicely for us.

During the clean out process I decided that the original paint color we used for the room (back when super rich colors were in six years ago) was just too dark. I really love the color (Color is Valspar Mark Twain Grey Brick and I will say, it bears a great similarity to the new Benjamin Moore 2017 color of the year, Shadow), but it’s just too much on all the walls. It’s beautiful during the day with the sunlight hitting the walls, but in the evening, I feel like I’m in a cave. So I’m compromising. I’m planning on leaving one accent wall alone and painting the rest a nice light neutral. And then the floor and ceiling crown molding a few doors could use some touch up as well.

You may laugh, but my main design style inspiration for this room was what I’ve called (until now), the “big ugly vintage pendant eye sore” in the room. See below - the photo is super low-res, but you know, it's vintage... so this was about the best photo I could find. 

We have something similar with a bigger bowl and a much nicer color brass. I’ve decided to go with it. We have brass door knobs in the room, brass shutter knobs, and this pendant with very minimal brass detail on it. It needs a good cleaning and then honestly, I ended up wanting to make it work. The whole idea of this reno is not to completely replace everything. I’ll use what I can, where I can, and draw inspiration from items like this. I COULD paint the thing. But honestly, I just don’t feel like it. So that’s what I’m going with for now. If it becomes a problem, it could get the boot or just a nice coat of paint. And that’s it for actual labor! Pretty easy, right?

Furniture is another deal. We have a fabulous Kallax shelving unit from IKEA, that’s a bit too large for wall it’s on, but again, going with it. It needs a couple nice tall baskets on top and then it's mostly finished! And then we have a HUGE stuffed animal cage (courtesy of my dad last Christmas) and a few play items to work around. I'm not sure if we'll paint it or not. I love the raw wood look it has, so it will likely remain the same way. Other than that, we’ve chosen new pieces and accessories for the space. You can see my inspiration/concept board, complete with many of the actual items I’ve already purchased for the room the last few weeks. A few items are still on order and a couple pieces I’m planning to purchase in the next month or so, after we’ve painted.

I'm super excited about the rug. I searched for hours one evening and into the next weekend morning and finally landed on this beauty. It's distressed just enough and I love the muted blush coloring it has, along with having colors incorporated that are pulled from our walls.
Some pieces are gathered from IKEA, you can see, and others that I've found elsewhere. 
I do plan to share information as soon as the project is complete.

So now, it’s time to get to work! I can’t wait to show you the finished space!