So FIRST of all, hello again! It's been almost two glorious weeks that I've really been "away" from my home office for the holidays. Having a five-year-old and almost-Kindergartner really makes you think about pushing back and simplifying life, especially around December in a life like mine. My year is almost always a constant back and forth of things to do and projects to complete. Every Fall seems to fill up and get slammed with birthdays, events and lots and lots of fun things. So December has been kept as hallowed as possible. I've stepped back and hey, I think I'll do this every year!

I know the holidays are not quite over, but it IS December and I have yet to review my December Birchbox. I've finally gotten around to opening the box that arrived weeks ago and just wanted to do a quick share! Not necessarily about each product, because we all know I'm no professional in the beauty industry, but to share how I find this box worth the money each month.

A tip for newbies? When first signing up, be sure to make use of the monthly coupon code in order to get the free full-size product that Birchbox will send new subscribers! 
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Here's a peek of what came in my box!

An honest first glance, I was a tiny bit disappointed this month. I'm not sure what I expected to be different, but I tend to shrug when I get shampoo and conditioner samples. They just aren't my favorite. Dry shampoo, definitely. But trying different shampoos doesn't thrill me really. I'll try to commit and actually try them. 

Here's a run down of the products:

LOC: One & Done Shadow Stick - Rock Ready - $10 (full-size)
Creaseless, waterproof shadow stick - perfect for the smokey eye. Apply from the inner corner to the outer lid, gently smudging along the way.

IPKN: Flash Cream Radiant Primer - $28 (full-size)
Nourishing SPF 15 primer creates a smooth, luminous canvas for makeup.

Organic Pharmacy: Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream - $88 (full-size)
Rose hips, ginger, gotu kola, and marigold for cell regeneration. For any skin type, reduces broken capillaries, and make skin radiant.

Rene Furterer: Lumicia Shampoo - $22 (full-size)
Luxe French shampoo to lift daily residue for a soft glossy finish.

Rene Furterer: Lumicia Conditioner - $24 (full-size)
Neutralizes hard water buildup on your strands for a weightless finish.

Also included was a Birchbox hand mirror and gift tags (I'm thinking those were the extra gift from Birchbox in December) and a liquid eye-liner full-size promo product (my sign-up subscription promo after cancelling for a few months and yet another reason the $10 is worth it). I love the liquid liner product. I'm just not always the best at applying it! 

I have to say, I did need a new primer and face cream. So between those two products, I'm happy. I like the shadow stick a lot! The first three products alone are worth the $10 subscription price. The shadow stick is a decent size for a sample and the cream and primer will last for quite awhile for me. As for the shampoo and conditioner, I'll use them, but they won't last long.

I did a little peeking and have found January's Birchbox to be exactly what I want. Mascara, dry shampoo, cleansing oil, collagen eye pads, etc. AND a super cute box. If you're a subscriber, you can log in and choose from a selection of samples or the curated box (I'm going with the curated box!)

And if you're a newbie, the promo for January is a free full-size MILK Makeup Highlighter with promo code "GLOWFORIT"
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