It's been officially December for five days and no one can keep me from all the Christmas-y feels now! You guys, I'm pretty sure something has taken over my brain and my Christmas procrastination that I'm usually tapping into this time of year. It's only December 5th, and I'm practically done with all of my Christmas shopping AND wrapping, and it feels great! I'm excited to kick back with my cocoa and let everyone else run around shopping for the next couple weeks. My husband will likely roll his eyes because apparently, I don't know how to kick back and rest. Ha! 

Everyone has their own gift preferences. When given the choice, some like receiving gifts they may never buy for themselves, others only want practical gifts that they'll use all the time. As for myself, I come from a family of practical gift-giving and receiving! Really, our family recognizes that Jesus is the Reason for the Season, so we do often keep our gifts to one another less extravagant in light of so many people and children that receive nothing at all. However, we do still have a gift exchange of some kind for each Christmas party as many families do. So practical. I'm all in for practical gifts!
I may be the only one who loves getting new warm and comfy socks for Christmas, though to me, it definitely doesn't hurt if the gift itself isn't just as equally something I may not consider purchasing for myself!
So along the way of my shopping adventures of online and local shopping, I've found some goodies that I'd classify as the perfect mix of something I may not spend money on for myself, but would still be very practical called the "Five Gifts She'll Actually Use - Online Edition" and maybe for the sake of it, Michelle- Edition. Ha! Here goes...

1. Sorel Brand Women's Out and About Leather Duck Boot - The utility/waterproof boot has really been making a comeback. I've been unsure as to how I feel about the style, until I came across these! I'm such a fan of these black on black Sorel duck boots and I like that they're closer to ankle boots than mid-calf, giving a more chic look. They also come in brown if that's color that floats your boat. The only real reason I wouldn't buy these for myself is probably the price. I'm not one to spend over $50 on a pair of shoes for myself, probably because I know I'd wear them out and scuff them up on job site visits! But I'd definitely make way for these in my closet, wouldn't you?!

2. Bittersweet Hair Tie Bracelet I came across this cute little bracelet on Pinterest one day and I love it! I know I'm not the only one who wears a hair tie around my wrist (hidden among my bracelets!) for an "emergency" use. I love the idea of turning a practical accessory into a chic one. I think this one really fits in the "wouldn't buy for myself, but would totally love and use it" category for most people, and they're actually not that pricey of a gift and start at $24.95 with many options, including silver, gold (yes please!) and rose gold aluminum. 

3. Red Tartan Dolly Dress with Bow This dress is another Pinterest find. Really, I think tartan has reached it's peak in trending (it's everywhere!!), so you likely wouldn't go wrong with a tartan printed scarf, phone case, throw pillow, blanket, coat, coffee mug or anything other item for that matter! I love this dress! It's so chic (noticing a trend here?) and looks almost like a coat itself. This dress would make for an easy outfit for any tartan-loving woman and she'd likely wear it over and over. 

4. Banuce Vintage Leather Turn-Lock Satchel What's more practical than an Italian leather satchel bag for the working woman? The answer is nothing. Nothing is more practical. I'm not gonna lie, personally, I've had this in my shopping cart for awhile now. What's more? My current briefcase/satchel handles just flat out broke right off the other day with no repair in site, so who knows, maybe this one will just show up under my Christmas tree. 

5. Birchbox Beauty Product Subscription Box I've been a Birchbox subscriber for several years now! Really, I'm an on and off again subscriber. For a period of time, I cancelled my subscription and then quickly saw that I was actually spending more on beauty products than before. The $10/month can really be worth it. You can try decent sized samples and find products that you really really like without paying full price at first. And when you do find products that you really like and would prefer to continue using, Birchbox makes it really easy to purchase the full size on their site. To give a Birchbox subscription to someone else, you have several options starting with $30 for a 3-month subscription. And ladies, you can also give your man a Birchbox Men's subscription begins at $60 for a 3-month subscription - which seems a little steep to me, but the men seem to get some cool stuff in their box too to make it worth the money.

So there you are! A few ideas for the women on your gift list that I'm sure would be greatly appreciated and actually used!
A couple of my other favorite websites for gifts (year-round) are Schoolhouse Electric & Supply, Anthropologie and World Market.

I'm also a huge fan of supporting local stores and shopping small, so stay tuned for my Shop Small Gifts For Her post coming soon!