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Many of you know of my deep, unconditional love for our dear Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Hey, it could be one of the things we have in common! This is my home and where I've grown up, so naturally I'm partial, but I don't think anyone would disagree that it's a great place to go to school, raise children and even grow a small business. I've never felt the urge to leave this city. Instead, I often feel a strong wish for more people to check our city out (whether visiting or moving), to understand how beautiful it is, how friendly the community is, and bonus, the great shopping available!

I began this post as a ''Shop Small for Christmas,'' but hey, I'm not a perfect person, and my Christmas schedule just really filled up to be able to write this post the way I wanted. Shopping small is really fitting at any time of the year so we're going to dive in this week! There are many shops and boutiques that I frequent and want to call attention to. In an effort to not overwhelm you, my reader, I've decided to break "Let's Shop Small" up into several parts over the next couple months.

The downtown/riverfront area is really, I mean REALLY, booming. It's been exciting to see the growth in the last few years alone. With the renovation of the old Marquette Tower into the Marquette Tech and a new tech district and businesses moving in, there's a call for more food, more shopping and more entertainment now than ever before. A Marriott Courtyard hotel is in the works through renovation of the old H-H building across the street from the new Marquette Tech District.

So, I wanted to focus more on the downtown area and share a few of my favorite shops with you and what they have to offer you! So I took a field trip to some of my favorites for "Part One" of this series over the holiday shopping season, and SWOON! It was fun. I should really do this more often.

First stop... Renaissance at 127 North Main

Renaissance is your local fine art and gift boutique as I like to call it. It's a super fun store to walk around in. You always feel like there's something fabulous to look at each time you turn your head. They have so many different types of products that I never have to worry about buying a gift that someone already has. I'm always excited to walk into Renaissance. The store has been an ever-changing shop. The window displays change of course like any other shop, but the rooms within are revamped and worked around too, giving customers a refreshing new look at their products. The shop owner, Jenna Beussink, was kind enough to walk me around and talk to me about their best sellers including Lampe Berger, Vera Bradley, Modern Burlap baby swaddles, and a touch of Kate Spade. I first walked into the store close to 10 years ago to buy my first Lampe Berger glass oil lamp, a product that's always been their top product to this day.

This muff was one of my favorites for winter. 
Glitzy glam Christmas decor has also gone over so well! Some of these trees were purchased right as they were being unpacked by excited shoppers.

Just throwing this one in for my sister... She has this thing about owls. But I think they're cute!

 Ah yes, the Lampe Berger glass oil lamps! These are the new lamps in stock, but there are so many to choose from!

I found some goodies for Christmas gifts on my trip in. Free gift wrapping! 

Next stop... Annie Em's at Home at 42 North Main

Annie Em's at Home is a trendy and refreshing boutique where you can find gifts galore and home goods that you'll want to spoil yourselves with. I can always find some of my favorite products within this shop including, Little Unicorn baby accessories (one of my absolute favorite baby shower gifts), Rifle paper goodies and books, Barr-Co and many more!

Gifts everywhere; from candles and kitchenware to notepads and calendars.

Trendy jewelry - I want it all!

Little Unicorn popular prints

Trendy ornaments for everyone!

Rifle paper and other gifts. 
My little Elaina wanted this deer so badly when I took her in the shop. He is a cute little guy.

Last stop... Pastimes Antiques at 45 North Main

Pastimes Antiques, owned and operated by the Maevers Family, is my family's favorite antique store. Pastimes is home base support of the VintageNOW Fashion Show and the ever popular Christmas live mannequin window displays. Their selection is uncomparable to any antique shop in my opinion with their large main showroom, the basement showroom and the clothing and accessory showroom at the side. My husband, daughter and I love to browse antique shops, and Pastimes is the one we frequent most! I often have people on my gift list who appreciate a great antique gift. Books, magazines, decor, kitchenware and more are available!

Great ornaments available at Christmas and for an even better price!

Lots and lots of great items.

Oh. My. Hats. So many fun options! If you've never taken an afternoon to spend time in Pastimes clothing and accessories room, it's a MUST!

I found some gently-loved jewels easily!

That wraps up Part One of this series. And the best news is, many of these stores are going through their after-Christmas sales. So get down there and shop small! 

Stay tuned for Part Two featuring several more of my favorite downtown shops!