Raise your hand if your a fellow dog-lover! Dogs really are the most playful pet and everything from their loyalty down to their oblivious slobbering all over us for centuries, they really are mans' best friend.

This year, Creative Maison turned a corner by growing our third section (but equally beloved), of the triad that is Creative Maison - CM Paperie and Gifts. We've been working on products for our customers over the past few months that are simple, clean, meaningful and pocketbook-friendly.

We wanted to find a way to celebrate your extra kid, fishing buddy and under-table vacuum in a way that stays remains true with our goals as a shop and is unique for you.

So, if you're in the neighborhood for a gift for the dog-lover in your life, check out our watercolor pet prints! With 32 available breeds to choose from (more in the future), you're sure to find one for you or that special someone. These are perfect to frame in the mudroom dog's room or to keep handy on your desk at work.

I'm super excited to bring a few more gifts in to the mix, and we've just begun!

As always, a small portion of your purchase from the Creative Maison Paperie and Gifts shop, goes to our sponsor kiddo through Compassion International.