This year, I have a special project that I'm excited to share with you! You may have heard that my husband and I sold our home earlier this year. We've been  t e c h n i c a l l y homeless this summer. In early January, we had an opportunity to talk with longstanding friends of our family regarding their parents home that they were preparing to sell. The home just happens to be on a private drive and one house away from my sister (along with other friends living on the same drive) and directly across a small valley from my parents home. With our eyes having been constantly on that area and the house and land itself being absolutely ideal, we knew we needed to jump on the opportunity. The home happens to be in a great location in our city, just minutes from the middle of town, but with some of the rural neighborhood feels and space to run. And what's more fun for a designer, than an exterior and interior renovation?! 

So the home sits on a 3.5 acre lot with a beautiful view to the west and a gorgeous backyard and rolling field and valley behind it. I have this vision that someday the backyard will be used for many parties under the stars and that the field would be full of beautiful grape vines. Hence, our Vineyard Vista! The wheels have been turning and I've been working this summer on the concept boards and plans. I'll share more soon!