Product Highlight - Foil Venue Wedding Suites

When Katy and Nick approached me with their ideas for their suite, I knew it was fate! A venue drawing was not in the first requests or round of proofs, but as soon as they asked for one, I was more than happy to oblige! We're were lucky to find a perfect elevation photo available on the web in order to base the drawing off of. In other instances, especially for out of town clients, I'll usually request these images from them. Freehand drawing is a true skill, but not something I resort to in my stationery design practice when I need everything to be as accurate as can be. In this case, it worked out perfectly from the online photo. Score! 

I studied Interior Design at university, became certified and then practiced locally for about 5 years. During that time, I was very well practiced in hand drawn architecture, plans, and elevations. I'm always excited to bring that part of my professional past into my practice.

Here's the image I started with:

Instead of hand drawing, I took to Procreate and the iPad. Hand drawing is truly beautiful and a touch sweeter of a result at times. However, because we were going the gold foil route, I decided that the technical image you can get from a digital drawing would really capture the finer details and translate much better to a foil die. For those unfamiliar with the process, foil stamping requires the custom creation of a steel die cut which is then used to pressure transfer foil to the surface of the paper - this is usually around $150-$200 just for the stamp creation due to the process.

I quickly got started. And I have to say, there's nothing better than settling in for a movie and a long technical sketch - which is precisely what I did. Approx. 3-4 drawing hours later, I had my sketch done and then off to Katy and Nick for approval the next day.

Here are some crude photos with bad lighting to share a little of the process. :)

The proof sent to Katy and Nick


Once approved, I had a little work in photoshop to make sure the image was ready for the die creation. We finalized the suite and sent off for the foil die and stamping!

Here's what a foil die looks like next to the final product. Each raised area is where foil would be pressed into the paper.

And a better look at the invitation! Thanks to Katy and Nick for their trust in me with their suite and the opportunity to get some drawing in as well!